Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week 13 PLE Post

After taking a technology inventory in the 3rd grade classroom at Walden School of Liberal Arts charter school, I realized the classroom is more up to speed than I thought. After visiting another public school that had Smart Boards in every classroom, I thought my little charter school was way behind in technology. After inventorying and interviewing the 3rd Grade teacher and her classroom, I thought it wonderful that 8 computers sat waiting to be used by children. Also, reading, math, and practice testing software were downloaded on each computer. With 20 kids in the classroom, the students have easy access to practice standard skills along with computer skills. The children also have access to the Internet, but on a monitored basis. A CD player, DVD/VCR, digital camera/video equipment, and digital weather monitoring devices also added to the technology in the room. So even though there wasn't a cool Smart Board, the children had access to many other technologies.

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