Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week 10 PLE Post/12

After watching the videos from the "In Time Video Database," I think that there are several key points that young children must learn when working with technology. It is most important to educate young children about the ethics of copyright laws when working with technology. If children are aware that there are boundaries and guidelines, they are likely to follow them and encourage other children to follow them too. Also, it is important to teach children technology using the regular vocabulary that is used when working with technology. By providing plenty of hands on practice and the correct vocabulary, children will quickly pick up the use of these skills. They are also able to communicate with their peers about what it is that they are learning with technology. If children are allowed to work in small groups on a project together, they can teach each other and enhance their own skills through teaching one another. It is amazing how quickly children pick up the skills needed for technology if they are provided the opportunity to learn and the proper know-how.

*note - this is suppose to be post 12.

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